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Pat Moran was active as a Jazz pianist in the 1950s-1960s  and played with many good artists particularly on the west coast.  Her trio album with Scott La Faro 1957 is a real gem in our opinion. Her Classical training has furnished her with a great facility at the piano and her fast runs are crisp and well phrased.  The complete trio album released by  Fresh Sounds combines the Scott la Faro with The Pat Moran Quartet (1956), with Moran on piano John Doling on bass, John Whited on drums and Beverly Kelly fronting on vocals.  Scott la Faro actually said  "I don't even like any of my recordings except maybe the first one I did with Pat Moran on Audio Fidelity."

There is also an interesting live album from Birdland with Horns added. in this album the whole band sing 4 part harmony

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